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Protecting the People You Love

We know that Every Person and Every Family is Unique.
And so is every Estate Plan.

Welcome to, designed and created to help you protect the people you love. Everyone needs some degree of estate planning, but estate plans must be tailored to the needs of the individual to be effective and serve their purpose.

We specialize in custom tailored plans to fit your needs.

Estate Plans are really about Family Protection and Privacy. If you value privacy, professionalism and personal attention to detail, we will design a plan specifically for you and your family.


Protect Your Family's Financial Well-Being

Get the care you want in a medical emergency

Minimize or Eliminate Your Estate Taxes

Avoid Costly Probate, Court & Legal Fees


Believe it or not, you have an Estate.

In fact, nearly everyone does. Your estate is comprised of everything you own— your car, home, other real estate, checking and savings accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture, personal possessions. No matter how large or how modest, everyone has an estate and something in common—you can’t take it with you when you die.

To ensure your wishes are carried out, you need to provide instructions stating whom you want to receive something of yours, what you want them to receive, and when they are to receive it. You will, of course, want this to happen with the least amount paid in taxes and legal fees. Just as important are the the related power of attorney and living will documents that will protect you if the case of an emergency. If you want a customized estate plan designed specifically to fit your needs, please contact us.

Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning, we understand that no two individuals are alike.

Business Law

Protect your company’s business interests in commercial and contract disputes.

Real Estate Law

Whatever your needs or situation, you can count on us to be your strong ally in all real estate negotiations.



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